W&T GmbH
Value thru Performance with SMFD-ALD & PALD

About Us – A historical overview 

W&T GmbH was established in February 2005 after having spent 20 years in project management, factory projects, technical sales management of sophisticated production equipment for the telecom-, and plastic film industry, based in The Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland. The specialization in ALD equipment and processes started in October 2005.

In the very beginning of our ALD career we did the necessary missionary work to promote the ALD technology and to „reach and teach “the European target groups (academia and industry), to convince them about the „Power of ALD “. We developed these markets, built the foundation and grew the business in the west-European territories. We did the legwork, prepared numerous tenders, performed competitor’s analysis, built the agent network and had even more discussions about the technology with customers and academic interest groups. So, we learned on the Job and enjoyed a steep learning curve. Our approach gained us the knowledge and cumulated our technical experiences. We continuously increased our Know-How and our skills were honed with each (and materialized) project.

Coming from a corporate background with obtained skills-sets and experience bringing into a  Start-Ups and helping it to grow to a multi-M€ company we use modified corporate techniques, develop and implement organizational structures and adaptations to cope with the internal and external challenges. Lots of observations and analysis are done, proven best methods and ideas tested for best fit. By the years we honed our management-, organizational-, and soft skills, increased our technical knowledge. 

We know how to move fast into new applications and capitalize on the ALD technology. 


Hugo Tholense

Hugo Tholense

Managing Director