W&T GmbH
Value thru Performance with SMFD-ALD & PALD

Mission & Value Statement

The past 15 years we dedicated ourselves to the promotion of ALD as viable and valuable technology for R&D and many industrial applications and to build the European customer base. The next 15 years we will devote ourselves to unlock its value with SMFD-ALD and ALD Particle coating for large scale and cost-efficient production.


Hugo Tholense, Managing Director W&T GmbH 




Our primary focus is to present and promote the SMFD-ALD (Synchronously Modulated Flow and Draw ALD) tools and ALD Particle coaters from Forge Nano Inc. in the Central European Region (German speaking countries). Notably ALD equipment and process support for R&D and industry.  We take great pride in being able to provide our clients with technically sound, proven knowledge and efficient solutions to meet their demands and needs for ALD Thin-Film coatings in their fields of operation.

So, whether you are looking for a solution or for improvements in quality and costs of products in your portfolio or venture new products and applications where ALD coatings can add value and would like to know of the more the current state-of-the -art SMFD-ALD Wafer-, and large batch tools or ALD particle tools, we can be of valuable support and help. 








PALD ( Particle ALD), to facilitate ALD coating on particles

varying from lower nm  to µm size diameter particles for

R&D scale ( grams to kgs ) to Production scale ( tons/y ) of precise and conformal nm-thick coatings

By using Fluidized Bed Reaction, Rotational and other Proprietary methods of Particle coating techniques to enable scaled up production.

SMFD-ALD (Synchronously Modulated Flow and Draw ALD) and CRISP (Catalyzing Reactions for Induced Surface Process) to facilitate low temperature ALD processes with sub-second cycle times down to 70 °C

 By using  both SMFD-ALD and CRISP enabling

 techniques and

 -     Ultra-Fast ALD valves (1 ms)

 -     Dedicated optimized HW and  proprietary

       ALD source technology   

 -     Control and Monitoring of every pulse  

 -     Integrated Sub-Atmospheric Abatement for

       a Zero-Waste Solution  

deposition rates of 13 nm/min can be reached with all-well know ALD-Qualities (precision and conformality of each deposited layer). In practice this means that coatings stacks in µm thickness can be performed in hours instead of days. For large objects and batch(es).